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Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, reaches out to the community with adult and adolescent addiction treatment programs. The dual-licensed addiction treatment center provides the programs, therapy, and treatment Texas residents deserve.

Lasting recovery isn’t about Fort Behavioral Health; it’s about you. Our licensed experts help you rebuild your life and relationships. From medical detox staff to master-level clinicians and nutrition specialists, your body and mind begin to heal once you reach out for help in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

Our adolescent program is specifically designed for the unique needs that teens may experience during treatment. This program, Evergreen Path, focuses on healing the emotional wounds that may be the underlying cause of your teen’s addiction issues or other difficulties. Our highly qualified team provides a judgement-free environment where teens can feel free to share their struggles and successes.

Although we emphasize enhancing mental health, adolescents in our Evergreen Path program can strengthen their physical health as well with our gym and fitness classes. Evergreen Path specializes in holistic treatment that empowers teens to regain control of their lives and their futures.

Adult Residential Recovery Program

The residential program at Fort Behavioral Health gives people the opportunity to remove themselves from their daily routine and focus solely on their recovery. If our residential program is the best fit for your treatment needs, individuals find respect and privacy in our Fort Worth centers. People in our residential program for addiction treatment find security in having their own room and bathroom.

plus access to a full gym, daily 12-step meetings, and a computer center.

Adult Detox Program

At our on-site drug and alcohol detox, we have clinical medical nurses available around the clock to monitor and care for adults working to overcome addiction. From initial drug and alcohol detox to our recovery programs, every step of your journey to sobriety is carefully considered and planned. Upon arrival, our experienced staff completes a comprehensive assessment.

This covers your physical and psychological health, substance abuse history, dietary needs, and even your social well-being. We even offer counseling during your stay. Our personalized treatment plans can help you make the changes you need in your life

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program at Fort Behavioral Health provides a level of addiction treatment for those who do not need medically supervised detox. Our IOP and PHP enables adults in addiction treatment to continue their recovery while still meeting work, school, and family obligations.

When you are enrolled in our IOP and PHP, you attend therapy sessions during the day, but you return home at night. If you have a stable home environment and a support network of friends and family, then our IOP and PHP may be the right treatment option for your recovery needs.

Adult Dual Diagnosis Program

Mental health treatment is the core of programs at Fort Behavioral Health. Our highly-qualified team provides evidence-based mental health treatment that helps people to feel like themselves again. For adults, we use a dual diagnosis approach to treatment. Dual diagnosis treats both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously for maximum effectiveness.

If you feel like one of our mental health programs could improve your quality of life, reach out to our team today. We want to teach you healthy coping skills and stress that will help you deal with stress and anger in positive ways. Nothing is more important than your mental health, and our therapeutic options give you the support that you need to regain peace of mind.

Addiction Therapies

At Fort Behavioral Health, we provide a wide range of addiction therapy options because we want you to find the therapeutic approaches that are most effective for your recovery.

Some of the addiction therapy options at Fort Behavioral Health include:

  • 12-step Program: Our 12-step program helps people to follow action steps to stay sober and build healthy and supportive relationships.

  • Adolescent treatment program: In our adolescent treatment program, specialists work with teens to address the unique challenges of adolescent addiction recovery.

  • Adult recovery program: Men’s and women’s programs focus on addiction causes to find solutions for lasting recovery with treatment and therapy.

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox: Remove toxins of drugs and alcohol while reducing painful withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable setting.

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