Anxiety can make it difficult to do almost anything in life. Depending on whether it’s a generalized type of anxiety or it’s specific to a certain type of location or event, it can really affect your day to day living. It can also keep you from experiencing some of the things you’re really interested in, out of fear or discomfort that something could go wrong. But you don’t have to live like that any longer. With the anxiety treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health, you have a chance to conquer the issues you’re facing and focus on a life that’s free of fear and worry. We’re here to help you today. Contact our treatment program at 855.965.4280 to learn more.

We offer treatment through our dual diagnosis treatment program, which treats substance abuse and anxiety at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment gives you the highest chance of lifelong recovery.

Who Needs an Anxiety Treatment Program?

Every person feels a little nervous or stressed from time to time, especially if you’re going on a first date or have an important presentation to give. However, when those feelings take over your life, it’s time to seek treatment. Signs that you’re battling an anxiety disorder include:

  • Feeling apprehensive or dreading events in the future
  • Always being on guard for signs of danger or anticipating the worst
  • Feeling jumpy or tense
  • Feeling irritable
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Not being able to complete your thoughts

Our Anxiety Treatment Program Has What You’re Looking For

When you come to our anxiety treatment program in Fort Worth, Texas, you have the opportunity to get the guidance and support you’re looking for to get past anxiety and break free from the fears you’re facing. We can work with you on things like public speaking or flying, or we can help with more generalized feelings of anxiety, panic attacks, and similar issues. You don’t need to live a life of worry, or allow anxious feelings to affect your health. We have the treatment options you’re looking for. Some of the ways you can get help from our anxiety treatment program include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

With a focus on the right kind of treatment, such as our dual diagnosis treatment program which treats both addiction and anxiety in Fort Worth, Texas, we can give you a chance to get back to living again. Whether you’re uncomfortable leaving your house, or there are other situations you don’t want to put yourself in, getting into a good treatment program can help you get a handle on your anxiety so you can focus on life again. Whether you’ve had anxiety issues for a lot of your life or this is something new, there are plenty of ways to get the help you need.

Work With a Facility You Can Trust

The kind of people you’re working with can really make a big difference in your level of success. When you have people around who truly care about you, you’ll have the opportunity to get moving on the goals you have for the future. You can learn healthy ways to get past your anxiety, and find tips and coping techniques that are right for any situation. Our anxiety treatment program is focused on helping you, no matter what type of anxiety issues you’re struggling with.

Get Help Today at Fort Behavioral Health

You don’t have to struggle with anxiety or substance issues any longer with the help of our dual diagnosis treatment program. With the help of a trusted facility, you can recover from anxiety disorders and focus on all the things you want to do in the future. Contact us at 855.965.4280 today, and let us help you get moving toward your goals and dreams, free from worries and fears. Even if you’ve had anxiety for a long time, there are ways to reduce its impact on your life and give you the chance to explore all the things you’d like to do. We’re here to help you begin your recovery today.

Clinically reviewed by:

Tricia Martinez, LCSW, LCCA

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