Are you struggling with drugs and alcohol? Do you find it hard to move forward with your life because you cannot overcome your addiction even if you want to? You may benefit from our residential treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health. An innovative program, it teaches you exactly what you need to start on the path towards sober living. Learn more about our impact treatment.

What Is the Benefit of a Residential Treatment Program?

Life is hard, no matter what your background is. When you face addiction and mental health challenges, it may seem nearly impossible for you to get through the day without using it. In a residential treatment program, you leave all of that behind. You enter our treatment center and start working on yourself. By disengaging from the life around you that has allowed you to fall into addiction, you gain the support you need to heal.

The benefits of a residential treatment program are numerous. They include:

  • A drug-free, safe environment
  • Medications to support your detox
  • Counseling from experts in the field
  • A place to work on you and focus on your life
  • A comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that you’ll feel at home in

What Happens in Inpatient Treatment?

Our substance abuse treatment program is designed to allow you to remain with us for a period of time. That means you’ll live here. Our property is beautiful, and our community is comfortable. This is not a hospital-like setting. It’s designed to be open and comfortable so that you feel more at ease while with us. There is a range of services we offer to you during your stay.

This includes a range of therapies designed to help you overcome your addiction. We offer addiction therapy such as:

  • Individual counseling programs
  • Group counseling programs

These are all opportunities for you to learn more about your addiction. They will also teach you about life and managing stress. Some of our clients have strong trauma histories that may be limiting their overall ability to heal. Others may find that they need help with depression and anxiety. We can offer that within our community as well.

Medical Care Is Available

When you are ready to enroll in our drug and alcohol rehab program, we will provide you with a full assessment to determine your needs. That includes talking to you about your medical health. If you’re struggling with pain or problems with illness due to your addiction, we can help you through this. We also offer a full detox program onsite. That means we can help monitor your health and provide medications to make it easier for you to break your dependency.

Is a Residential Treatment Program Right for You?

Most people who are considering a residential treatment program have the goal of sober living. They are ready to stop using drugs and alcohol. They may have a moderate to severe level of addiction. They may even find themselves struggling with mental health needs. You may benefit from our residential therapy program if you’ve tried to get clean and failed before. We can help you find the right way forward.

Even if you are unsure if residential treatment is the right option for you, our team wants to determine that. Reach out to us today to learn more about the ways we can help you overcome your challenges.

Explore the Road Forward at Fort Behavioral Health

With a comprehensive residential treatment program, you can count on Fort Behavioral Health for all of your needs. Sober living is an opportunity for you if you get into the right type of treatment program now. We can help you with comprehensive, comfortable inpatient treatment. To learn more, call 855.965.4280 today.

Clinically reviewed by:

Tricia Martinez, LCSW, LCCA

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