Mental health issues can be devastating, especially for adolescents and young adults. The life changes that they experience are difficult enough to deal with without the weight of mental health disorders. If you are a parent concerned about your child’s mental health status, adolescent mental health treatment in TX can help them endure the ups and downs of mental health issues.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our adolescent mental health treatment forms the foundation of what we do. We proudly provide a wide array of programs and services that give adolescents 11-17 the mental health support they may need. If you are the parent of an adolescent who is overwhelmed with mental health issues, we can help.

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Overview

Our Fort Behavioral Health team firmly believes that a mental health treatment program can be the first step in a lifetime of outstanding self-care for mental health. Our Evergreen Path program at Fort Behavioral Health is a trauma-informed program that addresses both mental health and substance use disorder needs that adolescents face. Our team of experts uses attachment-based and trauma-informed treatment modalities and environments to provide a holistic approach to healing and recovery. When you choose Evergreen Path, you choose to put your life on hold and prioritize your mental health. Our team will work with you to uncover the underlying causes behind the addiction, behaviors, and other symptoms. Our goal is to build a foundation for teens to be successful in their homes and communities.

At Fort Behavioral Health, clients achieve their treatment goals through weekly individualized therapy, weekly family therapy, daily therapy groups, daily recreational therapy, and more. These sessions are specifically designed to address teens’ emotional and cognitive behaviors surrounding substance use and mental health disorders. There is a specific theme to each one of these sessions, and both dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy are used to facilitate positive changes for our clients. Adolescents get to participate in special topic groups that are designed around active engagement activities and unique challenges that adolescents face. Each week, our clients build skills through these therapy sessions, including:

  • Relationships
  • Emotion regulation
  • Coping skills
  • Building solid recovery support systems

Components of Treatment at Evergreen Path

Your adolescent or teen can experience many positive outcomes from a mental health treatment program. Our team can focus on individualizing treatment for each client to maximize its’ effectiveness. The program is 45-60 days long, and we can also provide referrals for continuing care. While here, clients will engage in treatment from all areas of life, including recreational activities and music and art-based groups.

Our Groups

The key to our treatment is our groups, which are designed to address adolescents’ emotional and cognitive behaviors surrounding substance use and mental health disorders. Our team utilizes DBT and CBT to explore the specific themes of each group session. Each of these groups is designed around active engagement activities and unique challenges that teens face. All groups are trauma-informed, evidence-based, and led by a licensed therapist.

Our groups include:

Family Groups

Clients and their families will grow together while learning healthy boundaries, including a session for families without their teens to learn more about how to support their children.

Daily Goals Group

This group includes breathing exercises, guided imagery, and reading of thoughtful passages to start the day, along with learning to hear and meet the needs of peers.

Mental Health Therapy Group

Our clients work in a group setting to increase tolerance to and expression of various emotional states.

Individual Work Time

This program gives time for assignments and treatment plan goal completion.

Evening Mindfulness Group

This group includes a daily wrap-up followed by intentional meditation through breathing exercises, guided imagery, or silent meditation.

Relapse Prevention Group

During these group sessions, clients learn to identify triggers and situations conducive to relapse and identifying alternate plans for unsafe situations to protect recovery and remain sober.

Community Activity Time

These activities include Game Night, Movie Night, park trip, bowling, team building, expressive therapy, art therapy, and others.

Community Group

This is a weekly meeting as a community of clients to assign chores, discuss important issues, and other group dynamics.

Process Group

This is a time to verbalize and hear from others how they are coping and what issues may be arising.

Substance Abuse Therapy Group

This group incorporates the 12-steps as well as other evidence-based curriculums surrounding teens and substance use.


Clients who are currently enrolled in school at the time of their admission will be allowed to continue their studies during their treatment stay.

Give Your Loved One the Gift of Mental Health Treatment with Fort Behavioral Health

As a parent, nothing is more important than your child’s health and well-being. Therefore, when a teen that you care about is experiencing mental health issues, you want them to get the best help available. If you are interested in adolescent mental health treatment in TX, Fort Behavioral Health can help.

Our team provides mental health treatment in TX for adolescents ages 11-17, giving them the necessary tools to maintain proper mental health. Contact our team today for more information by calling 855.965.4280 or completing our convenient online form. Give your loved one the gift of proper mental health with adolescent mental health treatment at Fort Behavioral Health. Reach out to Fort Behavioral Health today.

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