Deciding to stop using drugs and alcohol is critically important but very hard to do. If you are going to put in this amount of work and effort, it’s best to have the best possible success. A detox program in Texas is available to you at Fort Behavioral Health. Our men’s detox center offers the comprehensive programs and resources you need to finally overcome your addiction.

Why Choose a Men’s Detox Center?

man at a men's detox centerOur drug and alcohol detox program in Texas is designed to help men struggling with addiction and are unable to stop. At our men’s detox center, you will be surrounded by other men going through the same challenges you are. That may help put you at ease and help you to open up while in therapy.

You may benefit from a detox program if you:

  • Cannot stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Have tried and failed at therapy before
  • Are using more of the drugs or alcohol over time
  • Feel pain and cravings if you stop using
  • Have used drugs for a long time or use highly addictive drugs

The men’s detox center is designed to provide you with tools to help you break your dependency. It’s one of the most effective ways for you to start the rehab process.

What Happens at Our Men’s Detox Center?

When you come into our men’s rehab program, you will enjoy ample resources. That includes a comfortable, welcoming location. This is not a hospital-like setting. As a result, you may feel right at home within our detox program in Texas. We’ll provide several types of help to you during this process.

Detox That’s Safe

One of the things you can expect during your treatment with us is a safe detox process. During this time, you will naturally allow the body to remove the drugs from your system. We can provide you with medications to make the process a bit easier for you to manage. In addition to this, our medical team is available to you. That means if you have any type of negative reaction, we’ll be there to help you through it.

Detox That Includes Therapy

The other component of our men’s detox center provides you with access to exceptional care through therapy. We start therapy as soon as possible. That way, you can work hard on not only getting clean but maintaining it. Our caring and compassionate counselors provide a wide range of therapy options to meet your needs. That includes:

In our group therapy sessions, you’ll work with other men facing the same struggles you are. We encourage you to open up to share your story and to learn from the experiences of others. It’s one of the best ways to rebuild your health and to feel less isolated during the process.

Checking Your Mental Health

Another component of our men’s detox program is providing you with support for mental health needs. Many men using drugs and alcohol will find they have underlying factors that cause addiction. This may include depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. If these are present, we’ll work with you to overcome it.

Our master level clinicians are dedicated to helping you through addiction. Even if you’ve relapsed before, we can help you get on the right path forward.

Find Your Way Forward at Fort Behavioral Health

When you’re ready to make a change in your health and future, turn to Fort Behavioral Health. Our men’s detox center is designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your best outcome. Our medically supervised detox program in Texas is available to you. Call 844.332.1807 to learn more.

Clinically reviewed by:

Director of Nursing Molly Smith BSN, RN

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