Many men and women struggle with drug and alcohol use and mental illness simultaneously. In 2018, an estimated 9.2 million people in the U.S. struggled with co-occurring disorders like this, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

When you consider your own well-being and health, it may seem impossible to know what to do first in getting help for depression or anxiety or dealing with your drug use. If you are stuck in the cycle of addiction, it may help to know that most people find that a dual diagnosis treatment program can be an effective treatment approach.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our wide range of addiction therapy programs in Texas includes a dual diagnosis treatment program that may be the right step for your recovery.

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Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Help?

Consider a few scenarios. You started drinking casually with friends, but now you drink all of the time. Yet, you know drinking makes you feel more depressed about life.

In this case, your use of alcohol could have triggered a genetic predisposition for depression. A depression treatment program can help clear the fog from the symptoms of depression so that you can work on the coping skills you will need for a brighter future.

Maybe you began drinking or using drugs to combat the feelings of anxiety that disrupted your life. All too often, self-medication can spiral into abuse and addiction. The support of an anxiety treatment program helps you find healthy ways to deal with stress so that you can move forward toward your recovery.

On the other hand, you may have struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder for years. You found that using some drugs helps alleviate the symptoms you feel. Now, you feel you need to use drugs just to get through the day. In this case, your mental health led you towards addiction.

In either of these cases, you need help from specialists to address and overcome what’s happening. This means addressing the underlying cause of your mental illness while also addressing the addiction you’re facing. This is where one of the top dual diagnosis treatment centers at Fort Behavioral Health comes into play.

An individual demonstrating the difficulties of coping with substance abuse and mental health symptoms

What Is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?

Our dual diagnosis treatment program in TX provides access to the level of care you need for both aspects of your emotional and mental health. It will be customized to fit your needs.

When you turn to our team, we’ll provide a full physical and mental health examination. The end goal is to understand what your specific needs are and why. From there, we can create a treatment plan that fits exactly what’s happening.

You may benefit from the following services:

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox Services – Begin your journey to recovery with our medically supervised detox services, designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and set a strong foundation for your treatment.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Engage in CBT to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors, empowering you to cope with challenges and reduce the risk of relapse.

  • 12-Step Treatment Programs – Our 12-Step programs offer a structured approach to recovery, fostering community support and personal accountability on your path to sobriety.

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – DBT provides you with practical skills to manage stress, control emotions, and improve relationships affected by dual diagnosis conditions.

We offer a range of treatment plans designed to address your needs. It is not possible to leave recovery and do well if you don’t deal with both the mental health disorders and the addiction elements of your condition. Our dual diagnosis treatment program can do that for you.

What Are Signs that Dual Diagnosis May Be Needed

Recognizing the need for specialized dual diagnosis care is a critical step on the path to recovery. Take a moment and consider the following statements.

Each is an indication that the dual diagnosis treatment services at Fort Behavioral Health may be right for you. You may benefit from our integrated treatment program if:

  • Experience a persistent compulsion to use substances, despite a strong desire to stop.

  • Find yourself numbing emotions to stop feeling with drugs or alcohol.

  • You’ve prioritized drug or alcohol use over other responsibilities such as personal, work, or family commitments.

  • You suffer from lingering effects of past trauma, untreated depression, or uncontrollable anxiety.

  • You cannot function without using substances to reduce your stress or feelings.

Fort Behavioral Health provides comprehensive treatment to address your underlying health needs. If you’ve experienced some or all of these signs, don’t put off seeking this life-changing help another day.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It can be difficult to break addiction when negative mental health patterns feed into it, and vice versa; your thoughts lead you to want to drink or use, and drinking or using, in turn, makes the thoughts and behaviors worse.

You may feel frustrated with yourself over your inability to quit your habits or change the thought processes that influence them, but it’s important to understand the link between mental health and addiction, and dual diagnosis treatment can help with that. Some benefits of dual diagnosis treatment are:

  • A full psychiatric evaluation will help you make sense of your mental health issues and give you tools to help you manage them.
  • Education and normalization will help you heal outside of any stigma or judgment.
  • You will receive focused care and treatment for your body and mind.
  • You will learn how to cope with triggers, both for your mental health and your addiction.
  • You will have access to one-on-one counseling and peer support groups.
  • You will learn how to plan for the future, meet your life goals, and maintain your sobriety.

Admitting there is a problem you can’t face on your own is the first step toward recovery; accepting help is the second step. Dual diagnosis is one of many addiction treatment options available, and a counselor will help you pick the appropriate one for you.

Find the Right Treatment for Your Recovery at Fort Behavioral Health

Many times, the most important first step you can take is to reach out for treatment. You’ll find a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment center with a program customized to fit your needs at Fort Behavioral Health. At our treatment center, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment programs, such as:

The welcoming reception area of Fort Behavioral Health, a dual diagnosis treatment center focused on individualized care

We believe in the power of personalized care. Recovery from dual diagnosis is not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why we begin your healing journey with a comprehensive professional assessment. Our team of experts evaluates your unique situation to craft a treatment plan that addresses both your substance use and mental health needs in tandem.

Aren’t you tired of living in the shadow of addiction and mental illness? We can help you master that goal. With the help of our dual diagnosis treatment program in TX, you can live freely again. Contact our trusted counselors by calling 855.965.4280 for an in-depth assessment, to verify your insurance, or to learn more about how we can help you today.

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