Sometimes, it’s not just one issue that you’re struggling with. For example, addiction and mental health disorders often go hand in hand. Because of that, it’s important to look into an adolescent co-occurring disorder treatment program to get the kind of help you need and deserve.

When there are multiple issues you’re facing, and only one of them gets treated, that can keep you from having the full and lasting recovery you’re hoping for. Not only is that unfortunate, but it can lead to additional problems and struggles you could have avoided.

At Fort Behavioral Health, we can help you get the treatment and support you’re looking for today. To learn more about the treatment options at Fort Behavioral Health, contact us today at 888.850.1635.

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Find a Quality Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Program

A young person with a co-occurring disorder is a person battling both substance abuse and mental health conditions. It is vital to seek treatment for both conditions at the same time because an untreated condition can lead to a relapse of the treated one.

However, with a co-occurring disorder treatment, or dual diagnosis treatment program, you can manage both conditions. This treatment gives you the best possible chance for long-term recovery. A few of the conditions we treat at Fort Behavioral Health include:

  • Anxiety Disorders – Our Anxiety Treatment Program helps adolescents manage anxiety through specialized therapies. These methods are designed to teach coping skills and resilience, enabling young individuals to navigate their challenges with greater confidence and calmness

  • Depression – This program focuses on addressing the unique needs of adolescents suffering from depression. It offers therapeutic strategies to lift the cloud of depression and fosters a supportive environment for recovery and personal growth.

  • PTSD & Trauma – Understanding the link between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and addiction is crucial. Our approach involves addressing trauma head-on, helping adolescents process their experiences and developing healthier emotional habits.

  • Bipolar Disorder – The symptoms of bipolar disorder in adolescents can be complex. We provide deep insights into these symptoms and offer tailored treatments to manage mood swings and promote stability.

Among the best ways to get the right help is to find a co-occurring disorder program in Fort Worth, Texas, that you can feel good about. They aren’t all the same, and you want one that will give you the quality and value you deserve, along with the true and honest level of help that’s right for your needs.

That way, you can get the right kind of treatment and have a higher — and often quicker — opportunity for success. We offer a wide variety of therapy options to help you manage your co-occurring disorders.

Whether you’ve been battling with addiction and mental health issues for a long time, or you’re newly facing something you’re having a hard time with, our co-occurring disorder treatment program in Fort Worth, Texas, can help you find the path toward a clean and sober life that’s free of mental health and substance abuse issues.

You don’t have to settle for a life of struggle when you can get the support and guidance you need to live more comfortably.

Reach Out to Caring Professionals

Having people care about you feels good, and our trained and professional staff is here to ensure you don’t feel alone or ignored in your efforts to get healthy and start living your life again.

We want you to know that we’re here for you, and we’ll help you in any way we can so you can break free of addiction problems, get help for mental illness, and live the life you wanted to have before adolescent co-occurring disorders got in the way.

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Fort Behavioral Health is Here to Help

You don’t need to struggle with addiction and mental health issues any longer. Our co-occurring adolescent program can give you the help and support you need to feel better and work toward lasting recovery.

Contact us at 888.850.1635 today, and let us work with you on any issues you’re facing. We know it’s not always easy to reach out, but we also know it can help you get back to living a life you feel good about, instead of one that’s a struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, or related problems.

You deserve better than that, and we’re here to help you find what works for a brighter and healthier future.

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Tricia Martinez, LCSW, LCCA

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