Evergreen Path is a residential program for both boys and girls, ages eleven to seventeen, seeking treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Evergreen Path also takes those with primary mental health disorders.

If the teenager in your life is battling mental health issues, addiction, or a combination of the two, the time to reach out for professional help is now.

What to Expect at Evergreen Path

All adolescents coming to Evergreen Path for treatment enter our program at the residential level of care. They must have safely detoxed from drugs and alcohol before arriving for treatment. A member of our medical team will be present during the admissions process to ensure each adolescent client’s health and safety.

From there, our clinical team will employ a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment modalities to ensure that your teen has the tools they need to achieve genuine, long-term wellness. Our aim at Evergreen Path is to provide teenagers with education skills while helping them work on emotional regulation, learning effective communication skills, identifying healthy boundaries, and rebuilding family support systems. Among the specific approaches we utilize, you will find:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Emotional disorders
  • Mental Health services
  • Substance abuse

Other services:

  • Therapy
  • Assessments

Other services:

  • Trauma informed care
  • TBRI

Substance Use Disorders

Substance use disorders, which usually occur in combination with mental health disorders, are defined as the repeated use of alcohol or drugs despite the unhealthy behaviors and negative consequences that result. Substance use disorders often are rooted in past trauma or mental health disorders, which can be treated successfully by professionals. When your child is enrolled at Evergreen Path, we treat both substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

Mental Health

At Evergreen Path, we recognize that it is necessary to treat primary substance abuse and primary mental health disorders. Therefore, our compassionate team of experienced professionals focuses on your child’s treatment for mental health disorders while in treatment for substance use disorders.

Additionally, we offer a range of programs that target mental health issues that adolescents face. These include, but are not limited to:

  • PTSD treatment
  • Mood disorder treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Depression treatment
  • Bipolar disorder treatment

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis describes a treatment method that addresses both addiction issues and mental health disorders. Our Evergreen Path team uses dual diagnosis to help young men and women deal with common mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. Getting to the root causes of addiction increases your child’s chances of long-lasting recovery once leaving treatment.

Some of the numerous benefits of dual diagnosis treatment include:

  • Helps to learn coping strategies
  • Lessens chances for future relapses
  • Establishes support systems with counselors and other teens
  • Holistic treatment for body and mind
  • A renewed sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

Personalized Care with Evergreen Path

We are a relatively small, twenty-eight-bed residential program. This allows our clinical team to provide personalized care that is tailored to your teenager’s specific needs. We are here not only to help adolescents but to help parents and family, as well. Our program is thirty to forty-five days in length. The Texas Evergreen Path schedule includes care for both body and mind. Our clinical team will also provide outbound referrals for continuing care after your child discharges from Evergreen Path.

Evergreen Path and Brazos River Charter School

Brazos River Charter School employs innovative and comprehensive learning techniques to provide students with an individualized, focus-based education. Serving grades six through twelve, Brazos River Charter School offers flexibility and convenience with multiple schedules per day. Scholars are encouraged to participate in morning or afternoon coursework affording them the ability to garner life skills outside of the traditional educational environment. Our motivated and experienced educators employ the latest project-based learning techniques and educational systems to motivate and nurture each scholar to achieve their highest potential. We utilize a level system to provide positive reinforcement and structure during treatment.

A Day in the Life at Evergreen Path

At Evergreen Path, each day starts with breakfast, gym time, morning meditation, and goal setting. Our staff knows the importance of healing in both body and mind, so we make healthy habits a priority. Next, your teen will participate in their first group sessions of the day. These sessions target themes important to adolescents such as emotional regulation, social skills, or family ties. The groups that follow these first sessions involve relapse prevention, continued recovery, and individual therapy. During the rest of the afternoon, our clients have lunch, do school work, and participate in gym time, yoga, and life skills groups. In the evening, your child has time to complete individual work from their therapists and participate in a community activity before lights out.

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We designed our Evergreen Path program specifically for the treatment needs of young men and women aged 11-17. The Texas Evergreen Path schedule considers both the brain and body as they relate to trauma and addiction. We treat both mental health and substance abuse issues because we know that your child is more than their addiction or specific mental health issue. And since we facilitate three to five groups per day compared to the two to three groups at most adolescent treatment programs, you can be confident that your child is getting the highest quality of care as they learn effective communication skills and identify healthy boundaries.

Reach out to our staff today to find out more about our program. Contact Fort Behavioral Health or call us at 855.965.4280 when you’re ready to make a change in your child’s life and rebuild your family support systems.

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