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Nationally Accredited Treatment Center
Nationally Accredited Treatment Center

Our Philosophy

Everyone has a story

We believe that every person comes to us at a different point on their journey, and has arrived at our door by way of their own path. Knowing that we can never fully understand what someone else has experienced, we seek to listen without assumption to their story: the joys, the pains, the challenges, and the triumphs. We also hope that in seeking to know our clients, they gain new perspective on themselves.

Embrace the Present

Trust and mutual understanding create a safe space for our clients to learn healthy coping and begin to establish (or re-establish) meaningful relationships in their lives. From this foundation of presence and acceptance of what is and what has come before, hope begins to re-emerge.

Hope for the Future

What story do you want to write? We seek to equip those who come to us with the tools and relationships needed to succeed, and the flexibility and self-awareness to cope when their stories take unexpected turns. The future can be something to look forward to again.