Therapy can make a significant difference in every stage of life. For adolescents, individual therapy can prove a safe space without teachers, peers, or family members to talk about stress, fear of failure, and general pressures young people face. For those struggling with substance abuse, an adolescent substance abuse treatment program relies on individual therapy to help teens recognize, understand, and change addictive behaviors.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our team can help an adolescent in your life struggling with substance abuse. Our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs provide a continuum of care with individual, group, and family therapy. Call us now 844.332.1807 or contact us online to learn how individual therapy at Fort Behavioral Health can benefit teens stuck in the endless cycle of substance abuse.

3 Benefits of Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse in Adolescence

1. Empowerment

Therapy can empower young adults to set boundaries, recognize toxic relationships, self-advocate, and reduce addiction triggers.

2. Enhanced Self-Actualization

Meeting with an individual therapist can improve self-actualization, uncovering the root causes of addiction.

3. Support

Individual therapy provides a consistent pillar of support for teens, helping them cope with stress, life changes, and hormonal shifts.

What Is Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse?

Individual therapy is just what it sounds like, which is a one-on-one therapy session between a licensed counselor and a client. For adolescents in addiction recovery, an addiction therapist can help them uncover the root causes of addiction and change addictive thought patterns. Individual therapy is highly adaptable. Clients generally meet with therapists for thirty to sixty-minute sessions at least once a week. During sessions, therapists may try different therapeutic approaches depending on a teen’s needs and progress.

Behavioral therapy is the most common evidence-based approach to addiction recovery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps clients change belief patterns and habits. Dialectical behavioral therapy improves emotional resilience, helping clients withstand difficult emotions without turning to substance use.

Other individual therapy sessions can include:

  • Alternative therapies like art, music, dance, yoga, and meditation
  • Exercise therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Somatic therapy
  • EMDR
  • Trauma therapy
  • Experiential therapy like wilderness therapy and adventure therapy

These are only a few approaches to individual therapy. A qualified therapist will combine techniques and approaches to meet a client’s history and needs. The best therapy programs often surprise clients with therapies they never expected to love, like art, music, or dance. For teens especially, movement therapies can help them become more comfortable in their bodies, gain confidence, and find constructive ways to deal with addiction triggers.

There are many benefits of therapy for adolescents. For those struggling with substance abuse, therapists can diagnose co-occurring disorders and help young adults manage mood disorders. Those in therapy are less likely to relapse, overdose, and use other drugs.

Individual Therapy at Fort Behavioral Health

Finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. Let our team at Fort Behavioral Health help. Our master clinicians work with adolescents struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. With evidence-based and alternative therapy programs, we have the program for your family.

Our therapy options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • Mindfulness therapy

Our substance abuse treatment programs treat addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription drugs
  • Opioids

With individual, group, and family therapy programs, Fort Behavioral Health is here to help your child thrive, no matter the circumstances. With a focus on a continuum of care, let the team at Fort Behavioral Health help your child navigate their teenage years.

Choose Individual Therapy at Fort Behavioral Health for Your Teen

So, what is individual therapy? It’s an effective approach to help teens in many ways, including overcoming substance abuse. Don’t wait. Get your child the support they need with individual therapy at Fort Behavioral Health. Reach out to us online or call us now at 844.332.1807 to get started.


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