Many people with addiction also battle mental health disorders. This includes conditions such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. A dual diagnosis treatment program is a specific type of therapy that focuses on treating both addiction and mental health at the same time, creating the best potential for a person to overcome these conditions. Dual diagnosis treatment centers can offer many benefits to you if you embrace therapy fully. At Fort Behavioral Health, our team can provide support for addiction and mental health disorders through our comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program.

There are numerous potential benefits to dual diagnosis treatment centers. A doctor and therapist will most often determine a person may benefit from this type of treatment after they complete an assessment. This assessment may show that an individual is struggling with both a mental health disorder and addiction. When that is the case, treatment is individualized to meet those specific needs. You may overcome the cause of your addiction. In some situations, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can lead a person to use drugs or alcohol. The symptoms of these conditions may be easier to manage with substances. Yet, treatment for those disorders may give you more of your life back.

3 Benefits of Seeking Dual Diagnosis Treatment

1. Identify the Cause or Causes of Your Addiction

In some situations, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can lead a person to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. At Fort Behavioral Health, our team will help you uncover the root causes of your addiction, whether it stems from a mental health disorder, past trauma, or another reason. Once you know the cause or causes, you can work with your therapist to move past them.

2. Work Through Trauma

Dual diagnosis treatment at Fort Behavioral Health works to move you beyond that past pain by providing proper care and therapy. You’ll learn about your past pain and traumatic experiences, but you won’t have to relive them. You’ll gain skills to help you avoid letting those painful experiences impact your future.

3. You’ll Learn How to Change Your Thought Processes

During dual diagnosis treatment, you’ll learn to change your thought processes and behaviors, so you can achieve goals and become the person you desire. One of the most crucial things to realize is that in this type of treatment, you’re working to create a better place for yourself, a future that you get to determine.

What to Expect from a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Within this treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health, you’ll work through a range of therapies and with a therapist to uncover what’s happening and try to determine why. You’ll learn a great deal about your mental health disorder. Right away, your team will begin working on medication therapies that may help you control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. That can be empowering because it gives a person more able to focus on their addiction.

During treatment, there’s also a strong level of support from your therapist and in groups for addiction recovery. Most often, this includes learning about addiction, identifying triggers that put you at risk, and building a comprehensive plan to help you thrive in recovery.

Invest in Your Future by Getting Mental Health Treatment

Sometimes people are unsure they need mental health treatment. They just want to stop drinking or using drugs. Yet, treating one condition without the other may set you up to fail. However, in our setting, you’ll have help that addresses both of these needs in a comprehensive, compassionate program.

Your future begins by addressing these needs. We can help with therapy options such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • 12-Step therapy programs
  • Somatic experiencing program
  • Trauma therapy program

Find Comprehensive Support You Need with Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Fort Behavioral Health

Treating the whole person is one of the essential strategies for overcoming addiction. That is one of the reasons why we offer dual diagnosis treatment centers. In this space, your needs are met with exceptional attention and support. We are here to help you achieve your best outcome in recovery. To learn more about the services we offer at Fort Behavioral Health, call us at 844.332.1807 or connect with us online.


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