Mindfulness is an ancient practice to help us stay in the present moment. The human mind often races. We either ruminate about the past or worry about the future, letting the present moment pass us by. For many teenagers, daily stress, hormones, and the pressure to succeed can lead to mental health problems and substance abuse. Mindfulness group therapy through a mental health treatment program can help teens stay connected to each other and the present moment. Also, mindfulness promotes peace and focus for practitioners. While recently made popular by various lifestyle movements, mindfulness often stems from Eastern meditation practices and breathwork. Whether someone engages in sitting meditation, mindful eating, or walking, mindful practices bring someone back to the present moment. Often focused on breath, sensation, and feelings, mindfulness can help us recognize emotions are fleeting. It can also reveal harmful thought patterns and anxiety, as well as help bring joy and awareness to simple tasks.

If a teen in your life is struggling, mindfulness group therapy can help. At Fort Behavioral Health, our clinicians are here to help your teen thrive with a mental health treatment program. Fill out our convenient online form or call us now at 844.332.1807 to help your teen experience the benefits of group therapy mindfulness activities.

5 Benefits of Mindfulness Group Therapy for Adolescence

1. Improved Body Awareness

Through mindfulness group therapy, teens enhance their body awareness, confidence, and comfort.

2. Lower Stress Levels

Often, teens find that mindfulness therapy helps ease stress and promote higher stress tolerance.

3. Stronger Relationships

Mindfulness helps teens to strengthen their relationships with friends and family members.

4. Better Sleep

Teens often find that mindfulness group therapy promotes healthier sleep patterns.

5. Ability to Self-Regulate Emotions

When teens are stressed, group therapy mindfulness activities help them to better regulate their emotions.

Mindfulness Group Therapy for Adolescents

As the name suggests, mindfulness group therapy works with groups of clients to explore mindful exercises and present moment awareness. Mindfulness can be applied to nearly any part of life, making it a perfect focus for group therapy.

Some mindfulness therapy activities include:

  • Body scan meditations
  • Mindful walks and walking meditations
  • Active listening and open communication
  • Somatic exercises
  • Mindful movement
  • Single-task projects, including art, music, dance, or list-making
  • Breathing together

Mindfulness helps people return to the present by focusing on the breath, sensations, and what they are witnessing in the present moment. It can help people improve communication through active listening, witnessing, and being present for themselves and others.

Mindfulness group therapy can also make teens feel less alone in their quest for less stress, mindful awareness, and a more balanced life. Group therapy can reduce the risk of addiction, self-harm, and reckless behavior, helping teens prioritize, enjoy adolescence, and thrive. They learn to build trust in a community of other teens and more authentically express themselves.

Find the Right Mindfulness Group Therapy Program at Fort Behavioral Health

Contact Fort Behavioral Health today to get started with our mindfulness group therapy. With a range of evidence-based and alternative therapy programs, the master clinicians at Fort Behavioral Health are here to help you and your teen. With inpatient and outpatient programs for addiction recovery and co-occurring mood disorders, find the support your teen needs in Fort Worth today.

Our therapy programs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • EMDR
  • 12-step support groups
  • Somatic experiencing program
  • Motivational interviewing program

Today, mental health treatment can feel isolating, especially for teens. Our team at Fort Behavioral Health understands. That’s why our teen programs focus on group mindfulness therapy. No matter your teen’s life history, current stress levels, and needs, our Fort Behavioral Health team can help. Our continuum of care is here for short and long-term mental health support. If you’re worried about your teen, mindfulness therapy can help. Call Fort Behavioral Health now at 844.332.1807 to speak with an intake specialist or contact us online to learn more about the benefits of our group therapy programs for adolescents and our mental health treatment programs.


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