Much of the media focus is currently on the mental health of celebrities. This article discusses five teen celebrity stars who exemplify the power of having open conversations about mental health and how prioritizing it can be a significant factor in one’s ability to overcome adversity. Adolescent mental health treatment is becoming more well-known and less stigmatized as celebrities lead by example, prioritizing mental health over commercial success.

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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Episodes like the school shootings in Florida, Texas, Colorado, and elsewhere lead people to question their actions and the larger cultural narrative around mental health and community care.

The reality of mental illness is that it is a largely invisible affliction. Most people who have a mental illness do so alone and often without critical support or understanding. It can be an alienating and lonely experience.

A stigma exists around mental health care in the United States. Stigma causes us to shy away from seeking help. And when we do seek help, we are frightened and worried that we won’t get the right kind of care, often not even sure what the correct type of care entails.

Many people, including teens, don’t understand how pervasive the stigma is around mental illness and its treatment. Yet it is one of the most common reasons children stay home from school or run outside instead of going to a friend’s house for a sleepover.

Breaking down the stigma of mental illness involves illuminating the experiences of our community members who struggle with mental health and taking their lead in prioritizing practices that are sustainable and conducive to mental well-being.

Although celebrities have always been known to talk about their personal lives, mental health was rarely discussed– until recently.

The Impact of Celebrities on Mental Health Awareness

To increase awareness about mental health and prevent mental illness, we need more role models who talk openly about their own experiences with mental illnesses. Celebrities have been sharing their experiences, and some have become role models for their peers.

Five celebrities speaking out on mental health care:

  1. Caleb McGlaughlin: The Stranger Things actor often discusses his experience with mental health as he navigates the final seasons and enters a new chapter of his personal and professional life.
  2. Sydney Sweeny: This Euphoria start has opened up the importance of owning your narrative and speaks on her journey to embrace her voice.
  3. Devery Jacobs: Since Reservoir Dogs, Jacobs has found a center of gravity in advocating for indigenous representation and turns to ancestral community traditions to maintain mental and emotional well-being.
  4. Patti Harrison: An up-and-coming comedy icon, this Shrill star wields edgy humor to broach intimate topics and enlists an artistic outlet for the things that might threaten her mental well-being.
  5. Simone Biles: This Olympic gold-medal-winning star gymnast leads by example by prioritizing her well-being and protecting her energy at all costs. She is known for speaking publicly about her struggles and for taking action to ensure her health is a top priority.

Celebrities significantly affect mental health awareness and national discussion, but we often fail to acknowledge their role in shaping public sentiment and policy.

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