How do academic achievement and teen substance abuse correlate to each other? Many people have no idea there is such a link between the two. Yet, it is very common for high achievers in school to suffer from drug addiction. How can that happen? If you are unsure what the link is between teen drug abuse and school, let our team at Fort Behavioral Health help you. We provide an adolescent treatment program that is for young women only so that females can seek recovery in a nurturing and safe environment.

How Academic Achievement and Teen Substance Abuse Happens

Kids, in even high school, feel pressure to get good grades. By the time they are in college, they must maintain all As. It helps them to keep their scholarships, get amazing opportunities, and to find that ideal job down the road. The pressure to maintain good grades has never been higher. Yet, it is unrealistic for most people to get all A’s like this.

Some students turn to drugs that may be able to help them. Some drugs, such as stimulants, are designed to help students who have ADHD to focus. When used outside of a prescription, these drugs can lead other people, like your teens, to work harder and achieve more. For example, teens may use Adderall as a way to stay up and study for longer hours each night. They can get more accomplished because they have that focus and energy.

What About When Performance Drops?

Academic achievement and teen substance abuse are not always linked. There are times when a person exhibits many types of complications from drug use. For example, on college campuses, there are instances in which teens are using other drugs, including illicit drugs, to achieve a high or to get through the day. In these situations, teen drug abuse and school may not have a favorable outcome. Alcohol use on college campuses, for example, is a constant problem. In some situations, this can lead to a drop in school performance and the need for a substance abuse treatment center.

How Do You Know What’s Happening with Your Teen?

Whether it is good or bad, teen drug abuse and school can often mix. In every case, even when your student is getting very good grades, it can lead to problems with health and mental wellbeing. Look for signs of this type of drug abuse. Your student may:

  • Be isolated from friends and family
  • Look unhealthy
  • Display a variety of mental health complications
  • Run out of prescription medications early
  • Be around a different group of students than they used to
  • Overdose or be at risk of overdosing

In any of these situations, your teen is at risk. Even if your teen is a top performer in school and getting good grades, you may notice situations where they have a different personality or may no longer be the same person. That’s when there is a clear indication that your child may need help.

What Can Be Done to Help Your Child?

In situations where academic achievement and teen substance abuse are linked, you need to take action. Parents can do something to help. At Fort Behavioral Health, we can provide you with a wide range of tools to help your child. That includes solutions for teen drug abuse and school problems such as:

Invest in Your Future at Fort Behavioral Health Today

When it comes to academic achievement and teen substance abuse, there’s a clear connection. Yet, you may find it impossible to stop using on your own. When teen drug abuse and school are no longer going hand-in-hand, it may be time to find female-only adolescent treatment that can help. Our team at Fort Behavioral Health can provide that support. Call us at 844.332.1807 to learn how.


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