If a teen girl in your life is struggling with addiction, then it’s time to consider an adolescent addiction treatment program. It’s never been easy to be a teenage girl, and now there are more avenues than ever that lead toward a path of substance abuse. Unfortunately, there is a definite connection between some teen girls and addiction. However, there are also more treatment and therapy options available than ever before as well.

Our professionals at Fort Behavioral Health have extensive experience supporting teen girls as they heal the wounds that cause addiction and substance abuse. Reach out to us today by completing our online contact form or calling 844.332.1807 if you’re interested in learning more about our adolescent addiction treatment program specifically designed for teen girls.

Teen Girls and Substance Abuse

Due to the range and intensity of social pressures today, teen girls are at an especially high risk when it comes to developing a habit of substance abuse or suffering addiction. Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, no matter how high-achieving or seemingly together a person might seem.

Teen girls and addiction are two things that no one wants to hear together but are more common than most people realize. Teen girls are already experiencing an intense set of changes, and the pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol can, unfortunately, lead to addiction before one even realizes what’s happening.

The teen years are full of experimentation and experimenting with identity, but the slope between experimenting with drugs and alcohol is slippery and can quickly lead to addiction. It’s crucial to address issues of substance abuse as soon as possible in order to prevent lasting damage. If you suspect that a teen girl you love is abusing substances or suffering from addiction. Don’t wait; contact a professional today.

How to Help a Teen You Love Struggling with Substance Abuse

Given all of the changes taking place during puberty, it can be challenging to gauge whether a teen you love is struggling with substance abuse. Many of the signs and signals of substance abuse can be easily confused with routine pubescent shifts. However, with vigilance and an open mind, it is possible to discern the signs and symptoms of substance abuse.

You may notice that the teen you love has sudden changes in their behavior, sleep patterns, eating habits, or friend groups. If these changes raise concerns, there are strategies that you can use to help your loved one. If a teen you love is struggling with substance abuse, you can:

  • Investigate – Follow up on curfews. Meet their friends. Ask questions. Check-in when they’re out.
  • Open the line of conversation, and keep it open – It’s crucial to keep an open mind and avoid laying blame, but accountability is important. Ask follow-up and open-ended questions. Listen.
  • Enlist support – You can’t do this alone, and neither can they. Find a support group for yourself and consider enrolling the teen in an adolescent addiction treatment program.

If a teen you love is struggling with substance abuse, you can help. Reaching out for support requires maturity and courage, and they might need your help asking for and getting the help they need to recover.

Explore the Connection Between Teen Girls and Addiction at Fort Behavioral Health

At Fort Behavioral Health, we specialize in addiction treatment programs. Our professional staff is discreet, dedicated, and here for you. We have a range of addiction treatment programs available and especially for adolescent girls. Our staff is adept at integrating addiction treatment with treatment for co-occurring disorders in order to heal the root cause of substance abuse. Our services range from outpatient counseling to residential addiction treatment programs and are customized to suit your teen’s specific needs. For more information about teen girls and addiction, reach out to us by filling out our online form or calling 844.332.1807 today.


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