Are you looking for adolescent girls’ substance abuse treatment in Dallas, TX? Young girls with alcohol and drug use disorders face unique challenges. Those who turn to substance abuse at an early age may do so to cope with family problems, neglect, abuse, and the pressures of growing up.

For a program focused solely on young women, turn to Fort Behavioral Health. Our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs may be just what your adolescent needs to get back on the right track. Learn more about adolescent girls’ substance abuse treatment in Dallas, TX, when you contact our team by calling 844.332.1807 or completing our online form.

Adolescent Girls Substance Abuse

Girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen face numerous challenges in their daily lives. They have just become teenagers, face growing changes within their bodies, and have their whole lives ahead of them. Young girls may experiment with drugs or alcohol due to peer pressure without understanding the risks of addiction.

Despite the tremendous consequences, young girls often do everything they can to avoid revealing their addiction. If your daughter needs assistance finding her way back to sobriety, drug-free living, and a productive future, our Fort Behavioral Health team can help.

Our gender-specific, holistic program provides a space where adolescent girls can feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings. Individual and group therapies include a number of modalities designed with each client’s needs in mind. Additionally, our caring, licensed staff members have experience handling the unique needs of young girls in addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Teen Girls

The adolescent substance abuse treatment programs at Fort Behavioral Health offer a holistic approach to recovery. We involve your daughter in designing an individual treatment plan that takes her specific drug or alcohol use disorder into account. Then, we evaluate whether there are co-occurring mental health disorders that also require treatment.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Drug addiction treatment

We also teach clients to focus on nutrition, health, and mental wellness. Getting help early in the addiction cycle can improve each client’s chances of lifelong recovery.

Family Therapy Plays a Role in Recovery

Family therapy sessions can help friends and family members learn how to support our clients throughout their addiction crisis. Adolescent substance abuse treatment programs take the roles of each family member seriously. Therefore, we offer comprehensive family therapy sessions where loved ones can also share their struggles.

Counseling and support at Fort Behavioral Health starts with adolescent girls or family members brave enough to take the first step. We are happy to provide answers to questions that family members may have.

Warning signs of substance abuse and alcoholism include:

  • Stealing to support drug use
  • Losing interest in their favorite hobbies
  • Declining grades, effort, and performance in school
  • Weight changes
  • Severe mood fluctuations

Feel free to schedule a visit to see our facility or to ask any questions you may have.

Focus on the Whole Person

At Fort Behavioral Health, our adolescent girls’ substance abuse treatment in Dallas, TX, provides comprehensive care for adolescents. Our staff replaces drug and alcohol abuse with positive activities that teach adolescent girls stronger communication skills and coping mechanisms. These skills can help clients resist cravings and triggers. Our treatment programs focus on the whole person, including the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of each individual. Therefore, adolescent girls in recovery learn the importance of nutrition, exercise, healthy pastimes, and acknowledging their negative thoughts and emotions in a positive way.

Choose Fort Behavioral Health for Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescent Girls

Our comprehensive adolescent substance abuse treatment program can help your daughter recover from the life-threatening effects of alcohol and drug addiction. You may experience thoughts of hopelessness, worry, and anger considering what your daughter has gone through. However, it’s essential to put the focus on healing and recovery. Contact Fort Behavioral Health by completing our online form or calling 844.332.1807 today for more information about adolescent girls’ substance abuse treatment in Dallas, TX.


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