Anxiety is an emotion that is often associated with a sense of threat and helplessness. When you feel anxious, you may feel afraid of being judged, humiliated, rejected, and put down. You may even feel like there is nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for anxiety, but being supported through process groups can help teens develop healthy coping skills and make the journey from those initial worrying thoughts to feeling calmer easier for them. Teen mental health groups offer the support and guidance needed to develop positive anxiety coping skills.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our teen mental health groups are highly successful in helping teens learn to cope with anxiety. Learn more about the benefits of a process group at Fort Behavioral Health when you contact us online or call 844.332.1807.

Benefits of a Process Group for Teens

The most common problem for teens struggling with anxiety is that they don’t know how to deal with the feelings of shame and self-criticism that often go hand in hand with mental disorders like depression and anxiety. In addition, they don’t know how to let others know their feelings because they don’t feel worthy of other people’s help or attention, so they isolate themselves, which often leads to further depression. This is where a process group comes in.

Teen process groups are a form of coaching and peer support for teens struggling with anxiety. They can be found in most schools, counselors’ offices, behavioral health centers, and other settings where teens meet with adults for support. Some professional organizations recommend that all young people have access to a process group. A processing group is essential for teens who struggle to cope with anxiety.

The benefits of a process group include:

  • Positive social support
  • Individual support
  • Development of social skills
  • Building positive coping mechanisms
  • Opportunities for communication, connections, and accountability
  • Feedback from peers, professional therapists, parents, and caregivers
  • Emphasis on goal setting and attaining goals
  • Gain insights into how others feel
  • The camaraderie of being able to share concerns with people who have similar experiences
  • Mentorship

How Does an Anxiety Process Group Work?

A process group is a specialized type of teen group designed for teens who want to talk about how they’re feeling and don’t want to deal with the stigma or judgment associated with discussing emotions in their social environments. A teen group for anxiety meets regularly and provides young people with social support and guidance. These groups are often run by professionals, such as counselors or psychologists. The function of a process group is to provide structure and community for those who feel overwhelmed by their emotions. People with anxiety may need support to manage their feelings and behaviors.

Those who feel like they have no one else to talk to about their feelings may need a place where they feel comfortable talking about the things bothering them and asking for help. A process group can provide this necessary outlet.

For teens struggling with anxiety or depression, process groups offer an opportunity for peer support from people who know what it’s like to deal with anxiety problems. Being able to connect with peers while simultaneously discussing issues face-to-face makes process groups an ideal way to build confidence and self-esteem while also providing the opportunity for peers who are struggling with similar issues, such as bullying, to seek out support.

Explore the Benefits of a Process Group at Fort Behavioral Health Today

At Fort Behavioral Health, we offer several process groups for teens struggling with anxiety. Our groups are led by approachable and compassionate mental health professionals who have extensive experience working with teens. In addition, we offer numerous individual teen therapy and mental health treatment options. Contact our Fort Behavioral Health team today by calling 844.332.1807 or filling out our online form for more information about the benefits of a process group.


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