September is National Recovery Month. It’s a time when you can take a step back and realized all that you’ve achieved. It is also a time to tell others about your accomplishments, especially those who may need more support and one-on-one care now more than ever. At Fort Behavioral Health, we offer the support and guidance you need to start on the path of recovery.

Why Celebrate National Recovery Month?

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a complex and difficult process. Every person that faces addiction has to encounter intense struggles mentally, physically, and emotionally. It becomes critical that they share their story with others to show that it can be done. Texas residents who have completed substance abuse treatment programs can share the benefits of it with those who are finding it hard to make that change.

How Can You Celebrate?

National Recovery Month may be a great time for you to share your story with others. Do you have a friend that may be using alcohol or drugs often and may need a drug and alcohol detox center? Do you know of people in your family that are struggling? Find a way to reach out to them.

Write Down Your Story

A good way to help others to see all that you have accomplished in addiction recovery in TX is simply to write down your story. You can post it on social media. You can print it off and share it with your friends. You may want to share it with those in your community.

Visit Your Recovery Center

Another way to honor this month is to visit the treatment center that helped you. Offer to speak to those who are receiving treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment program. If you are doing well, you may be able to offer mentoring services. You can also reach out to those in your local meetings to offer more support to those who are just starting out. Let them know how you made it.

Host Your Own Party

There is no doubt there is a lot to celebrate right now. Get a few people together for dinner. Sit down and talk about what you’ve been through and how you made it through. This may also be a good time to tell your story to those who don’t know what you’ve experienced.

Do Something for Yourself

If you have not done so, make this month a time to do something for yourself. Perhaps you have been waiting to purchase something special or you want a night out for dinner. Whatever it is that will help you to feel special, take advantage of it now. Celebrate yourself and support others while you do so.

What If You Need Some Help Now?

During National Recovery Month, it is also important to take a look at where you are right now. Some people may be finding it hard to avoid cravings. Some may even be thinking about using again. In these situations, it is critical to get additional help. Our team at Fort Behavioral Health is here for you when you need us. We are also here for your friends or family members who need support. Reach out to us for help including:

Tell someone how they can get addiction recovery in TX. You may save their life.

Take the First Step at Fort Behavioral Health

National Recovery Month is a good time to reach out to our team if you are struggling or to offer help to a loved one. At Fort Behavioral Health, our team is here to guide and support you at any stage of the recovery process. Call to schedule a consultation at 844.332.1807.


Get Help Today!

You don’t have to face the journey of recovery by yourself. There are people out there ready to help with what you’re going through. Reach out to someone for support today.

Verify Your Insurance

If you’re covered by any major insurance provider, your treatment will most likely be covered. We guarantee to keep your personal details private.

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