It’s never easy for people to leave home to invest in themselves and their health to heal from addiction. Yet, if you battle addiction, a women’s detox center may be exactly what you need to recover from the damage addiction has created. It may be a necessary step in overcoming the disease of addiction.

As a guide to women’s detox centers, the resources we offer at Fort Behavioral Health are meant to provide you with support, guidance, and strategies for living the life you desire. In fact, our women’s detox center may be the perfect place for you to begin your recovery.

A Guide to Women’s Detox Centers

What happens in women’s detox centers? The detoxification process is a natural one, fueled by the body’s ability to metabolize and remove substances. This takes time. During that process, the brain and body, which may be dependent on these substances, react. This happens through physical pain, agitation, and cravings. The intensity depends on how much a person is using and how often. Yet, many people experience some level of frustration and physical pain during this process.

In a women’s detox center, several steps commonly occur:

  • A full assessment is conducted to determine the type of care you need and whether residential detox is best or if you can detox at home.
  • Medications may be used as a way to minimize symptoms of withdrawal. Some work by tricking the brain into no longer desiring the substance.
  • A mental health assessment determines if you may have an underlying mental health disorder, which is common in many with addiction. If so, proper treatment for it is put into place.
  • Therapy begins. This is when you’ll learn about your addiction, including how to manage it long-term.
  • Your medical needs are met. This may include nutritional support, help for illness, and support for any physical needs you have.
  • A women’s detox center is a safe place for you. There is no risk of abuse or judgment here. You will find yourself empowered to heal and feel supported by other women who are facing the same types of challenges you are.

The Benefits of Women’s Detox Centers

There are many reasons you’ll find detox centers the ideal place to heal and recover. While each person’s needs are different, many women thrive in a detox environment for various reasons, such as:

  • There is ample safety and support here. You will feel welcomed and able to open up because of the people present.
  • Group support is often key for many women in recovery. Knowing other people are going through these challenges, and many have beaten them, can be important.
  • Emotional support is also a significant factor in the well-being of many women, especially those who are battling mental health disorders alongside addiction.
  • It’s okay to open up here. You can say what you are feeling and really express yourself. Other people probably feel the same way you do.
  • Detox creates a safe environment for your body to work through addiction and dependence. There’s medical support available if you need it.

At Fort Behavioral Health, we support your recovery by providing exceptional therapies that can begin in detox. These therapies enable you to learn, grow, and explore new ways to live your life, enabling you to feel good about your future. Some of those therapies include:

  • 12-Step program
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program
  • Dialectical behavior therapy program
  • Somatic experiencing program
  • Motivational interviewing program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Focus on Your Recovery at Fort Behavioral Health’s Women’s Detox Centers

Our guide to women’s detox centers lets you see just what to expect when you take the leap to get help. At Fort Behavioral Health, you’ll find professionals who are committed to your recovery and who provide the most innovative therapies available. Here, we offer what you need to feel safe, protected, and empowered through treatment. Learn more about our programs when you reach out online or call 844.332.1807.


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