While some people focus only on the monetary cost of substance use, few recognize that the real drug addiction cost includes much more. When comparing the cost of substance abuse treatment programs with what you give up to continue suffering from an addiction, you will find that seeking recovery will provide significant benefits. For more information about the advantages of addiction treatment, contact Fort Behavioral Health today at 844.332.1807.

Drug Addiction Cost to Sufferers

The cost of drugs in TX varies depending on the type of drug misused and the amount that you take. However, those suffering from addiction incur the cost of buying drugs or alcohol when they would not spend that money if they did not have a substance use disorder. An individual who suffers from addiction may have to choose between paying for drugs or rent. If the former option wins out, the sufferer could face eviction. This cost accounts for only one of the problems associated with spending too much money on drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, those who suffer from substance use disorder have lifestyle costs from the effects of misusing drugs or alcohol. For example, the drug addiction cost could include losing a job, having a poor relationship, or going to prison.

Substance use disorder also puts the sufferer at a greater risk of the following:

  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Driving under the influence, or vehicular crashes
  • Violence with others
  • Overdoses
  • Injuries

Cost of Drug Abuse to Society

Substance use causes harm to society just as it does to the individual. For example, drug addiction costs Americans billions of dollars annually. Included in this cost are the prices of incarceration, health care, and productivity declines. Also, substance use disorder ranks among the top reasons for disability, affecting millions of American workers.

Society must pay for keeping people in prison because most drugs fall under illegal substances. For keeping one prison for one year, the average cost to society equals thousands of dollars. Many jurisdictions will file criminal charges against people in possession of illegal drugs. Therefore, you don’t even have to actively use the drugs to end up going to jail for them.

Also, substance use disorder increases the chances of injuries and overdose. If you must go to the public hospital for a drug-related incident, part of the cost of treatment comes from tax dollars. Of course, you will still have to pay for the rest with your health insurance or cash.

Lastly, a loss of work productivity also costs society because your coworkers may have to make up the slack or your employer loses money.

Treatment Benefits Compared to Drug Addiction Cost

If you suffer from drug addiction, you can also see benefits by saving the money you would spend on drugs or alcohol. Also, after successfully completing a recovery program, you may find that you reduce your chances of homicide, crime, injuries, and motor vehicle accidents related to substance use. In addition, you protect your physical and mental health when you seek an addiction treatment program.

In many cases, your health insurance may help to cover the cost of a drug addiction treatment program. Contact the recovery center to see if you can use your insurance to help you to save money on treatment.

Seek Recovery at Fort Behavioral Health

The cost of drugs in TX to your lifestyle and wallet is too high to continue to let addiction run your life. Instead of wasting money on substance abuse, contact Fort Behavioral Health at 844.332.1807. You can learn about our addiction treatment programs and how you can make strides toward the freedom of recovery.


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