Drug and alcohol addiction can cause dependence, which is a change in how the brain and body operate. When dependence occurs, it becomes nearly impossible for a person to stop using those substances on their own, as no amount of willpower is enough. Yet, a 24-hour detox can provide that level of support for drug or alcohol dependence. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we offer a 24-hour drug detox center that can help you today.

What Is a 24-Hour Detox?

For men and women struggling with drug or alcohol dependence, a drug detox center creates a safe environment. Here, a person has professional help available twenty-four hours a day to help overcome the addiction and health complications they are facing. That may include medical support to monitor health as the body works through the natural detoxification process. Proper treatment may also include medications that can ease withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings.

Without treatment in a professional detox center, a person may struggle with health risks or give in to the cravings they are having. More so, with treatment in a safe place like Fort Behavioral Health, there’s less risk of relapse, and a better, long-term outcome becomes possible.

Who Needs a 24-Hour Detox?

Those who have a dependence on drugs or alcohol benefit from this type of treatment center. Some of the most common symptoms of a dependence on drugs or alcohol include:

  • Being unable to stop using drugs or alcohol even when desiring to do so
  • Feeling muscle or bone pain, headaches, or illness when not using the drugs
  • Feeling intense urges and cravings to use or thinking about the drug of choice constantly
  • Struggling with anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, or other mental health changes
  • Being unable to prioritize other needs and responsibilities ahead of drugs or alcohol

In these situations, dependence is likely. That means that a person may need to continue to use those drugs or alcohol to simply get through the day. Treatment at Fort Behavioral Health’s drug detox center can help break this reliance and provides a way forward for healing.

What Happens in a 24-Hour Detox Program?

The initial steps in a detox center involve allowing the body to naturally detox from these substances. During this time, medications may be used to help reduce some of the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings a person has. This can help to make it more likely that treatment will be successful and that a person will stick with it.

Additionally, psychotherapy can begin during detox. This is when a person works closely with a team of professionals to discuss what’s occurred and why. The process involves spending time working one-on-one with a therapist to talk about addiction triggers, past trauma, mental health needs, and much more. Often, a person learns hands-on strategies to help them to overcome their addiction and empower them to avoid relapse going forward.

What Should I Expect After a 24-Hour Detox Program?

When you are ready to get help from a treatment center, simply reach out to us. We’ll provide you with substance abuse treatment that’s right for your needs. Some of the therapies we offer include:

These therapies help you to heal your brain from the damage addiction causes. From there, you’ll learn the skills needed to overcome addiction for good. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best level of care available.

See How a 24-Hour Drug Detox Center Can Begin Your Recovery

A 24-hour drug detox center could be exactly what you need to end your dependence on drugs or alcohol. Contact Fort Behavioral Health today to learn more about our drug detox center and substance abuse treatment center in Fort Worth, Texas. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, effective treatment for all of your needs. To learn more, call 844.332.1807 or connect with us online now.


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