Experiences of trauma can affect people in many different ways. However, the impact of trauma on teen girls is often overlooked and undervalued. A teen mental health treatment program for girls can offer the resources and support to help overcome the long-term impact of trauma. It is essential to realize that trauma does not have to control or define your life.

Don’t let your teen suffer trauma alone. Get the support you both need at Fort Behavior Health. Our team has mental health treatment programs specially designed for the unique experiences of teen girls. Get in touch with our Fort Behavioral Health team today by filling out our online form or calling 844.332.1807 to learn more about our teen mental health treatment program for girls.

Teen Girls and Trauma

No one is immune to trauma, but some people are more vulnerable to the long terms effects of traumatic experiences. Teen girls are among the most vulnerable population when it comes to the impact of traumatic experiences.

So, what counts as trauma? Traumatic experiences vary widely. A few examples of traumatic experiences that are very common today include:

  • Experiencing the sudden death of a family member
  • Experiencing verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Losing of a loved one
  • Being in an accident, pandemic, or national disaster
  • Witnessing domestic abuse or violence
  • Witnessing death or violence

Teen girls are often highly sensitive to the shock and pain of traumatic experiences, and without proper support and healing, trauma can define and derail their lives for decades to come. But it doesn’t have to. When teen girls experience trauma, they often turn the pain inward rather than outward. While some may lash out at loved ones or exhibit other outward symptoms of distress, the more dangerous effects of trauma are often internalized. This can lead to self-harm, substance abuse, disordered eating, and other mental health problems.

How Trauma Affects Teen Girls

If a teen girl that you love is facing or recovering from trauma, don’t let them go it alone. You can help. It is important to remember that they don’t need to suffer alone. Seeking out an adolescent mental health treatment program is one of the most effective ways to heal from the long-term impact of traumatic experiences and explore how trauma affects teen girls.

A teen mental health treatment program for girls will combine a community of peer support with the guidance of professional counselors and practitioners. This combination of peer support and professional treatment is crucial for helping teen girls who have experienced trauma understand that they are not alone and learn that healing is possible.

A teen mental health treatment program may be residential or outpatient, depending on the particular needs of the teen. It will include a structured program of therapy designed to integrate and alleviate painful experiences as well as tools for dealing with difficult life experiences constructively and healthily.

If you are the parent or guardian of a teen girl who has experienced trauma, it may also be beneficial to seek support for yourself. Contact our Fort Behavioral Health team to learn more about our comprehensive therapy options.

Learn More About How Trauma Affects Teen Girls at Fort Behavioral Health

At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we are here to help your family manage and integrate trauma. Our mental health professionals provide the highest standards of care. We are well-equipped to support teen girls in recovering from any kind of trauma with a comprehensive therapy program in our teen mental health treatment programs for girls. In addition, we offer family therapy in a welcoming and supportive environment.

To learn more, reach out to us by calling 844.332.1807 or completing our online form today.


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