There are some instances in which a person needs drug and alcohol detox to start the addiction recovery process. Though it can seem like an overwhelming step, this is a natural process and one that is necessary to break dependence and reclaim health. The key is to understand what is likely to happen during the process. Drug and alcohol rehab centers offering detox create a comfortable, monitored location where you’ll be able to go through the process safely. At Fort Behavioral Health, you’ll feel safe here during each step of drug and alcohol detox.

Do You Need a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center?

Most often, if you are even asking this question, the answer is yes. If your doctor and therapists determine detox is the best first step for you, getting that type of treatment in a professional setting offers a wide range of benefits. First, it allows for the use of medications and therapies that can help to reduce the wide range of withdrawal symptoms you may feel during the process. In addition, counseling can begin right away. That means you begin healing sooner.

At Fort Behavioral Health, we provide a medical detox process. That means a professional is available to provide for any medical needs or emergencies that occur during the process. That’s not something that can happen if you are living at home during this process.

What Are the Stages of Drug and Alcohol Detox?

The detox process takes some time. As noted, it is a natural process that cannot be sped up. It’s up to your body to work through these challenges. Most often, this happens in stages:

  • Treatment initiation – Treatment initiation begins and often leads to feelings of ambivalence and denial. The goal here is to help you to abstain from use and accept the process.
  • Early abstinence – During this stage, withdrawal symptoms may be occurring as well as cravings for the drug. It’s the hardest stage because you have to work through a mind telling you not to do this. You’ll learn coping skills and triggers that are holding you back.
  • Maintaining abstinence – The peak is over at this point, but there is still the need for a person to continue counseling and support treatments. You’ll learn about the warning signs of relapse and the steps to take during this time. This can take ninety days from the start of treatment.
  • Advanced recovery – In this stage, a person is creating long-term goals. They may not think about drugs every day, but they know the risks of using them. This is when true healing seems to be happening.

How to Get into Substance Abuse Treatment

A drug and alcohol detox center at Fort Behavioral Health can help you minimize the withdrawal symptoms while also providing you with the tools you need to work through the complications of your addiction. You may find, during this time, that there is a lot of work to be done. Yet, in treatment, you are getting that care on an ongoing basis.

At Fort Behavioral Health, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re safe throughout the detox process. Treatment and therapy begin immediately and creates a new way forward for you. Some of the therapies we offer include:

Begin Your Recovery at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The investment in drug and alcohol rehab centers creates an opportunity for you to start the healing process. If you’ve struggled with alcohol or drug addiction for some time, it can seem scary to take this step. At Fort Behavioral Health, we do everything we can to reduce your risks and increase your overall health. Learn more about our services when you call 844.332.1807 or reach out to us online for help.


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