Addiction is a mental health condition that can lead to physical dependence or lifelong, chronic disease. It is a severe condition that can affect many aspects of a person’s life (education, employment, relationships, finances, health, and well-being), including physical and mental health. Adolescent substance abuse treatment should always include a comprehensive plan tailored to suit a growing individual’s needs and goals.

If you or an adolescent you love is suffering from substance abuse, we can help. At Fort Behavioral Health, we take a holistic, person-first approach to substance abuse treatment and have a proven record of success in treating adolescents. To learn more, contact us today at 844.332.1807

What Is a Treatment Plan for Substance Abuse?

A treatment plan should be written if you plan to treat a substance abuse problem in an adolescent you care for (this includes drugs, alcohol, and nicotine). Substance abuse treatment plans are written by professionals and have many elements that one might find in a treatment plan for physical illnesses such as cancer or diabetes.

A treatment plan for substance abuse often begins with a thorough evaluation of the nature of the person’s substance abuse, personal history, medical history, and circumstances. It will then include various medical, therapeutic, and supportive interventions and elements to treat the root of the substance abuse.

Treating substance abuse in adolescents is as much about addressing root causes and providing foundational support and skills as using substances themselves. Most teens who struggle with substance abuse turn to it as a means of coping when they lack the skills to manage stress and trauma in healthier ways.

How to Write a Treatment Plan for Substance Abuse?

Writing a treatment plan for substance abuse can help ensure that your adolescent receives the most appropriate and effective substance abuse treatment possible.   A high-quality treatment plan will be grounded in restorative, person-first values and language. It will treat the substance abuse disorder holistically by addressing root causes.

A good treatment plan will not only approach treatment from a person-first restorative perspective but also address specific issues such as:

  • How to work with the family members and friends who have contact with the teen
  • Situation-specific social and behavioral supports
  • Culturally appropriate and community-specific methods
  • Specific techniques suitable for your adolescents’ age group
  • Transparent and inclusive cost-structure
  • A treatment schedule or timeline
  • What information is confidential and what is shared with caregivers and guardians
  • Types of supports needed and specific services involved
  • Assessment and Evaluative tools
  • Ongoing supports and resources to ensure continued recovery beyond this specific course of treatment

Each treatment plan will be unique and vary depending on who you are working with. However, all quality treatment plans will include these aspects in some form.

Quality substance abuse treatment will help youth develop their self-efficacy to control their behavior and make well-informed choices. It will also help them develop the ability to cope with trauma and stress in healthy and productive ways by teaching these skills and offering opportunities to practice them during treatment.

Contact Fort Behavioral Health For to Find the Support Necessary to Heal from Addiction

At Fort Behavioral Health, our team approaches adolescent substance abuse treatment in a restorative, compassionate manner guided by person-first values. We approach substance abuse treatment holistically to understand that each individual brings a unique set of needs and circumstances to the table. Therefore, in addition to individualized treatment plans, we offer comprehensive community support and resources to supplement the recovery process, such as multimodal, tactile, and group-oriented therapies.

To learn more about our approach, or get substance abuse treatment for your adolescent, reach out to us today at 844.332.1807.


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