If you have autism spectrum disorder or ASD, there’s a good chance you have difficulty navigating everyday social interactions. One of the common reasons for this difficulty is an inability to adjust your behavior to a given situation.

Is it possible to improve your abilities in this area? Yes, you can, with the help of something called applied behavior analysis, or ABA. ABA also has a range of other benefits as both an autism therapy and an addiction therapy. Contact Fort Behavioral Health at 844.332.1807 for more information.

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is designed to help children and adults function better in social situations. It takes three main factors into account. The first factor is how humans generally behave when interacting with each other. The second is how specific circumstances affect our behavior. In addition, ABA therapy factors in how humans learn new skills.

ABA therapists break the process of behavioral change down into a series of steps. In order, these steps are:

  • Observing your or your loved one’s current behavior
  • Analyzing that behavior in detail
  • Helping you develop more effective behaviors based on that analysis

Behavior change in ABA takes place in small, methodical steps. At all times, an emphasis is placed on rewards and positive reinforcement rather than negative consequences.

What Is ABA Therapy for Autism for Children?

ABA therapy is widely used to help people with ASD. Most therapists focus on helping children. While the emphasis is often on improving social skills, the therapy also has other uses. Examples of these uses include improving:

  • General language and communication skills
  • The ability to play and take part in leisure time activities
  • Coordinated muscle movement, i.e., motor skills
  • Showering and other self-care skills

The therapy can also be used to improve your child’s learning skills and academic performance.

Preparation is key for children in ABA programs. As a rule, it’s a good idea to practice the routines of attending the therapy in advance. It’s also important to customize all ABA treatments.

A well-trained therapist will pay close attention to your child’s likes and dislikes. These personal preferences will help guide the course of the therapy. That includes determining the types of rewards that will motivate your child the most.

What Is ABA Therapy for Autism for Adults?

An adult ABA program may have the same basic goals as ABA for children. However, it may also focus on developing specific skills that are beneficial for adults. Such skills often include using public transportation or going shopping. They may also include eating in restaurants or similar kinds of environments.

What Is ABA Therapy for Addiction?

ABA is not explicitly designed to help people with substance problems. However, the general behavior analysis framework can be applied to these kinds of issues. In fact, therapies based on a behavioral model are widely used today as addiction treatments. These therapies seek to identify behaviors that tend to reinforce addiction. They also help you recognize those behaviors when they occur. In addition, therapies of this type help you change damaging behaviors and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Learn More About ABA Therapy at Fort Behavioral Health

Want more information on applied behavior analysis? Talk to the professionals at Fort Behavioral Health. We specialize in helping children and teens affected by ASD. Our expertise allows us to answer any questions you may have.

Fort Behavioral Health also features a range of other behavioral therapies. Every day, we use these therapies to support effective recovery from addiction. No matter the seriousness of your symptoms, we can help. To learn more about our behavioral therapy options, just call us today at 844.332.1807. We’re also available through our online message form.


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