Gender-specific rehab allows people to work on themselves in an environment that’s most likely to provide them with the support they need to thrive. You’ll work with other people of the same gender facing the same types of struggles you are.

In a men or women-specific rehab program at Fort Behavioral Health, you’ll learn about yourself, embrace deep conversations with others, and heal from the inside out. Fort Behavioral Health offers the resources to help you begin your recovery.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab

In a men’s rehab or a women’s rehab, the goal is to heal from the damage created by addiction and mental health disorders. Treatment is specific to your needs. However, these individual programs provide opportunities for learning and growth in a way best suited for your gender. Here are some key benefits:

  • Men and women learn differently – In this type of treatment program, the teaching methods and the strategies used are specific to the way you learn. That may make them more effective.
  • This treatment eliminates the distraction of the other gender. That means more ability to focus on yourself and your healing.
  • Men and women need support in different ways – Many women benefit from having an open conversation with those around them who can support them. Men may find expressing feelings openly more challenging. Yet having camaraderie with other men helps create more confidence.
  • Fewer cultural concerns exist, too – The way you speak, express thoughts, and feel about various things may differ from others. You want to feel comfortable enough to open up.
  • Building relationships with others in this environment is critical – You want to fit in and be able to open up.

Being comfortable in your surroundings is key to success in treatment. When you’re comfortable, you may be more willing to open up and embrace therapy. You may be more willing to engage in group therapy sessions, too.

What You Can Expect in a Men’s Rehab or Women’s Rehab

In either situation, you’ll be surrounded by people who understand what you’re facing in addiction recovery. A gender-specific rehab may incorporate group activities and addiction therapy sessions. This creates an opportunity for opening up the conversation. Group sessions may involve:

  • Open discussion on addiction and stress
  • Education on the disease and managing symptoms
  • Opportunities to discuss feelings, thoughts, and experiences with others
  • Role-playing and other forms of therapy to teach strategies for avoiding relapse
  • Resources for rebuilding relationships and life skills

Your experience can be a positive one if you engage with therapy. For many, a general-specific rehab makes that most possible and likely to happen.

How Our Men’s and Women’s Rehab Supports Your Recovery

At Fort Behavioral Health, our team works closely with you to ensure you have access to an individualized treatment plan. That will include individual and group therapy sessions. It may also incorporate family therapy and other strategies designed to help you thrive in recovery. The goal is to help you stop using and then rebuild your life and health. We do this with a range of therapy programs, including:

Take advantage of the opportunities available to you at our location. With drug and alcohol detox and ongoing treatment options available, our master clinicians are ready to help you to love, heal, and rebuild your life without the threat of drugs and alcohol.

Find the Help You Need in Gender-Specific Rehab at Fort Behavioral Health

A gender-specific rehab could provide the space, privacy, and support you need to thrive in treatment. Fort Behavioral Health offers this and much more to help ensure your best outcome. Learn more about our program when you call 844.332.1807 or connect with us online today.


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