Sometimes the problems we face are complex. Sometimes they are so bad that it is hard to be rational about them. It is even more challenging for adolescents who are still developing and often haven’t established social support networks. Adolescent substance abuse treatment, including group therapy, can provide this crucial support for youth in recovery.

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Group Therapy Activities are Beneficial for Adolescents in Recovery

Group therapy is an excellent tool for dealing with the complexity of our lives, and it can help people who have been through similar experiences get through them in a better way than they ever could alone.

Some vital group therapy activities for adolescents in recovery include:

  • Relating to peers with shared experiences
  • Receiving professional coaching in a social setting
  • Practicing healthy coping skills in real-time
  • Welcoming in the moment feedback and social cues
  • Developing lifelong friendships
  • Developing a robust social support network
  • Identifying with others instead of feeling alone
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

Group Therapy Provides Support and Positive Reinforcement for Adolescents in Recovery

One of the primary goals of group therapy is to provide social support and positive reinforcement. Research has shown positive benefits for adolescents who regularly engage in group therapy.

There is incredible value and support in connecting with peers who have shared experiences in a positive social environment.

Group Therapy Teaches Adolescents Healthy Coping Skills

A primary benefit of group therapy is that it helps young people learn how to cope with stress and triggers in a natural social setting. A problem with dealing with anxiety and stress in adolescents is that they cannot handle it like adults. And as a result, it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed and spiral into a withdrawal condition. Group therapy offers the opportunity to learn and practice healthy coping skills in real-time with their peers.

Group Therapy Helps Adolescents Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms

With thousands of Americans dying each year from illicit opioid overdoses, it’s clear that we must collectively do more to protect our youth from this epidemic.

Adolescents who attend treatment that includes group therapy report significantly better attitudes toward their co-occurring substance use. They can better cope with troubling situations than adolescents who have not accessed regular group therapy.

Group Therapy Provides Community for Adolescents in Recovery

One of the most common reasons for adolescent substance abuse is peer pressure. It’s hard to avoid being influenced by peers interested in partying, and often this is a normal part of adolescent experimentation. However, this experimentation can be hazardous for teens susceptible to addiction.

Adolescence is a time of emotional and physical transition. For adolescents, this period of life can be challenging. They are still learning how to cope with the world around them and are vulnerable to the influence of peers, which can lead to negative peer interactions.

Group therapy allows adolescents with substance abuse disorders to develop a sense of community and normalize uncomfortable behaviors that may otherwise be considered “out-of-character.”

In addition, group therapy sessions help adolescents who have substance abuse problems realize that they have a problem and recognize the destructive ways it has affected their lives. The process also allows adolescents to learn coping strategies that they can apply in everyday situations.

Group therapy provides a healthy social outlet for teens and provides a space to work through addiction and build more beneficial coping skills.

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