Teens who experiment with drugs or alcohol are not “bad kids.” They are also not “kids from bad families” or those that have bad grades. In fact, they are a child that may have been exposed through friends, social media, or other situations. When you consider why teens use drugs, remember that any child can be in this position. When they are, they need help and the right treatment. Our team at Fort Behavioral Health can provide that to your child. To learn more about the treatment options available, including female-only adolescent treatment, contact Fort Behavioral Health today at 844.332.1807.

What to Do When Your Teen Is Using Drugs

As a parent, you may have to conclude that your teen may be using drugs. When you experience this and worry about teen drug abuse, TX residents should know that early intervention can help your child achieve a better long-term outcome. The key is getting help now.

We can help you with a range of programs designed to meet your child’s unique needs. This may include:

Why Teens Use Drugs

When you think about teen drug abuse, you may be unsure whether your child could be in this position. Yet, most teens today encounter drugs and alcohol at various points in their young lives. It is not always how you raised them that matters in terms of if they use. Consider these reasons why teens use drugs. Could your child become a part of this?


One of the most common reasons why teens use drugs is because they are curious about them. It’s quite common for teens to learn about drugs and to hear about them on social media, at school, and with friends. Often, they want to know what they do. Trying them out may seem like an okay experience, but it can lead to addiction quickly.


Some teens, especially those struggling with mental health problems like depression and anxiety, are more likely to use drugs because they need some way to relieve their pressure. Teens are under pressure. Many need to maintain good grades to get into college and get scholarships. They may have stress at home or in relationships.

Low Self-Esteem

Many people can look back at their early teen years and wonder how they got through them. Some teens have low self-esteem issues that can cause several risky scenarios to occur. Some teens, especially those around 14 to 16 years of age, face ridicule at school for their lack of friends or the way they look. Many times parents don’t know and see this.

Weight Loss

It’s quite common for teens to be very aware of how they look and how others perceive them. That’s why they may be focusing on losing weight and getting fit. That is a good thing until they feel pressured into using drugs to achieve this. Some teens may resort to cocaine, for example, because it can help them lose weight rapidly.

Many other things can explain why teens use drugs. For some teens, it is a social thing. For others, it is because they are battling depression or anxiety. Still, others do it because they are bored.

Are You Ready to Find Help for Your Teen? Fort Behavioral Health Can Help

When you think about why teens use drugs, remember that every situation is different. Just because they use drugs doesn’t mean their life has to be ruined by them either. When it comes to teen drug abuse, TX residents can find help when they reach out to our team at Fort Behavioral Health. Call our compassionate counselors at 844.332.1807 to learn more about our adolescent treatment program for young women.


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