Drug and alcohol use interferes with every aspect of your life and the lives of loved ones. Using drugs or alcohol can cause relationship problems, job loss, financial instability, and serious health complications. Each person who uses drugs or alcohol can be affected in different ways. How a person is affected depends on the drug used, duration of use, family history, and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, understands that drug addiction treatment should be tailored specifically to the needs of each person. Our compassionate staff is ready to help you free yourself from drugs and alcohol interfering in your life.

The Effects of Addiction

Over time, drug and alcohol use gradually changes brain chemistry. With excessive use, your brain becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, which develops into an addiction. Addiction takes priority over all responsibilities, creates distance between you and your loved ones, and destroys relationships. Also, addiction is isolating and can make you withdraw from social interactions or activities you used to enjoy. Addiction changes your mood, can inflate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and lead to severe health complications, such as:

  • Liver failure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

Drug and alcohol use can also result in job loss. Frequent absences, coming in late, and decreased job productivity can be signs of a substance use disorder or addiction. However, some employers offer assistance for an employee’s treatment.

Of course, finances are impacted by drug and alcohol addiction as well. All of your savings are spent on buying more addictive substances. Important bills are neglected, and your credit is impacted. Addiction can put you at risk of housing issues. Unfortunately, many people become homeless by spending all of their money on drugs and alcohol.

Health Problems Due to Substance Use Disorders

Addiction alters physical health and appearance. Different substances can affect your body in different ways. Some can provoke a heart attack or stroke. Others can lead to lung infections, a rapid heartbeat, and an overdose or death. Some drugs cause a lack of appetite, rapid weight loss, weight gain, and liver damage. Further, drugs and alcohol lead to changes in behavior and coordination.

Drug and alcohol use can cause problems with your mental health. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, substance abuse can increase the risk of or cause medical conditions or medical disorders. Some can make you paranoid, fearful, depressed, and anxious.

If you already live with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, or other psychological problems, the possibility of addiction increases. Seek a dual diagnosis treatment program as symptoms of mental health disorders can increase due to substance use disorders.

Treatment Is Available

Addiction is treatable, and recovery is possible. If you or a loved one is fighting addiction or a substance use disorder, get help now. Do not let the stigma of addiction prevent you from getting help. Make today the first day of your journey to recovery.

Fort Behavioral Health can provide medically supervised detox, as well as residential programs for men and women alike. Our programs are abstinence-based and combine a 12-step approach with a strong mental health component, integrating cutting-edge techniques such as:

Don’t Let Drugs and Alcohol Interfere in Your Life Anymore

Today can be the day you decide to enter treatment and stop drugs and alcohol from interfering in your life any longer. For more information about our addiction treatment programs or to start your healing journey, call 844.332.1807 or fill out a contact request form. One of our recovery experts will connect with you shortly.


Get Help Today!

You don’t have to face the journey of recovery by yourself. There are people out there ready to help with what you’re going through. Reach out to someone for support today.

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