For those in addiction treatment, several types of programs and techniques are available to help you gain control and clarity. One of the options we offer at Fort Behavioral Health is a motivational interviewing program. For many people, this method can provide the reassurance and support necessary to maintain recovery long term.

What Is a Motivational Interviewing Program?

A motivational interviewing program is a specific clinical approach to counseling those who have mental health disorders or substance use disorders. It is able to enhance a person’s motivation to change their behavior. It’s not possible to force someone who has an addiction to change. It is not possible to require them to do so. Yet, it is possible to show a person with addiction that they can make changes, they should do so, and doing so can offer good results.

With motivational interviewing, which is often used alongside other treatment programs, it is possible to resolve some of the ambivalence a person has to not wanting to change key behaviors. There are five main principles of a motivational interviewing program.

  • Reflective listening you can use to express empathy
  • Show the discrepancy between a person’s values and the current behaviors
  • Minimize confrontation and arguments
  • Instead of opposing a person’s resistance, adjust to it
  • Support a person’s optimism and self-understanding

During any type of motivational interviewing, a person with an addiction will work closely with a therapist who moves through these five areas to help him, or her understand how their current behavior isn’t aligned with their goals or their values.

Why Is Motivational Interviewing So Important?

A motivational interviewing program in TX can be very valuable in the course of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. It allows for an evidence-based method to help a person to not just go through the steps of getting treatment, but to be motivated towards healing and change. When a therapist offers a treatment plan, it can very much be a success if it is followed. Yet, many people struggle with sticking to the plan, or they may not see the value in some key areas of it.

With motivational interviewing, we can create interactions centered on our clients, which can help us promote behavioral change. Without it, many people will not pursue treatment as fully as they should.

A Treatment for Addiction

At our addiction treatment center, we encourage our clients to work closely with their therapist to create a cohesive plan that incorporates various types of treatment. This may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • 12-step treatment

If you are struggling with illicit drugs or alcohol, or you are trying to find help for your loved one, Fort Behavioral Health can offer guidance. We offer a comprehensive addiction treatment program with access to detox services to help you to regain your confidence and improve your future.

Find the Best Treatment for You at Fort Behavioral Health

Aren’t you tired of living in the shadow of your addiction? If you’re ready to find treatment, our addiction treatment center can help you. We offer a range of options for those who are suffering from addiction. A few of our addiction treatment programs in TX include:

  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment

We offer a motivational interviewing program along with other treatment options to help you on the road to healing. It’s not too late to seek out an addiction treatment program that fits your needs. To learn more about our motivational interviewing program in TX, contact Fort Behavioral Health at 855.965.4280 for immediate help and support.

Clinically reviewed by:

Tricia Martinez, LCSW, LCCA

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